Le Partisan: “Freedom Soon Will Come”

“…then we’ll come from the shadows”*

Leonard Cohen – The Partisan
[Le Partisan]
When they poured across the border
I was cautioned to surrender,
This I could not do;
I took my gun and vanished.
I have changed my name so often,
I’ve lost my wife and children
But I have many friends,
And some of them are with me.
An old woman gave us shelter,
Kept us hidden in the garret,
Then the soldiers came;
She died without a whisper.
There were three of us this morning
I’m the only one this evening
But I must go on;
The frontiers are my prison.
Oh, the wind, the wind is blowing,
Through the graves the wind is blowing,
Freedom soon will come;
Then we’ll come from the shadows.
Les allemands e’taient chez moi,
Ils me dirent, “résigne toi,”
Mais je n’ai pas peur;
J’ai repris mon âme.
[the Germans were at my home
They said, “sign yourself,”
But I am not afraid
I have retaken my soul.]
J’ai change’ cent fois de nom,
J’ai perdu femme et enfants
Mais j’ai tant d’amis;
J’ai la France entie`re.
[I’ve changed names a hundred times
I have lost wife and children
But I have so many friends
I have all of France]
Un vieille femmme dans un grenier
Pour la nuit nous a cache’,
Les allemands l’ont pris;
Elle est mort sans surprise.
[an old woman, in an attic
Hid us for the night
The Germans captured her.
She died without surprise.]
Oh, the wind, the wind is blowing,
Through the graves the wind is blowing,
Freedom soon will come;
Then we’ll come from the shadows.*

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*I abandoned this blog, which once had a Google rating of 4, a little while after B.O. was elected. There were occasional posts, when it seemed safe. It was ever-more clear with each brazen attack on liberty that my inclination to write opinions had to be squelched. In concert with millions of bloggers, I’m now thinking, “Freedom soon will come; then we’ll come from the shadows.”~~M-Jeanne de M.

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Murderous Attacks by Religious Extremists


Massacre in Paris, November 2015: 130 Concert-Attendees Tortured, Gruesomely Mutilated and Shot to Death by the Same Bigoted Religious Extremists that President Obama, Hillary Clinton, the Democrat Party, and Leftists in Europe are Inviting into Their Countries

(In that Paris Attack, Another 368 people were injured, 80–99 seriously.)

Then there was the truck attack, in which an Isis extremist drove into a crowd at a Paris celebration. Scores were killed and injured, including an American child and his father.


FROM 2016: Clinton and Paul Ryan, Unsafe at Any Speed: These two, if you allow them to succeed, would usher-in this sort of activity and worse. Speaker of the House Ryan has approved Obama’s Omnibus budget, which funds the immigration of so-called refugees, and the only requirement for their admission into the U.S. to live and receive welfare benefits here for their many wives and children is that they be Moslems.The current president has already allowed an unknown quantity of religious extremists in, some on purpose and others through the southern border by carelessness or default. And now he is fast-tracking their entrance as part of his apparent scorched-earth policy. Makes one wonder what’s really in it for them, to be so against U.S.

Newt Gingrich correctly states Hillary Clinton wants to increase Syrian refugees by 500 percent: RNC 2016 Fact Check–UPDATE: IT IS NOW REPORTED THAT MRS> CLINTON, IF ELECTED PRESIDENT, WOULD ALLOW 600 MILLION MOSLEM MIGRANTS. JUST LOOK AT EUROPE FOR AN EXAMPLE OF WHAT IS IN STORE FOR U.S. IF TRUMP IS NOT ELECTED. P.S.: George Soros, famous currency-manipulator and HRC advisor, said two months ago that Trump will be elected, but Clinton will “be appointed”. UPDATE: The American people rejected >HER, though the Clinton/DNC/Soros cheating-machine was in full-force in many states.

In Memoriam

This is victim Darlene Horton, killed in London on August 3rd, 2016 by a young Somali migrant-to-Norway, who reportedly shouted about the greatness of his god while stabbing her and four other innocent people who were standing in Russell Square–she died in the arms of a kind person who tried to stanch the blood flowing from her back–THE MURDERER IS IN JAIL; THE PRESS ARE ATTEMPTING TO PAINT HIM AS JUST A MENTALLY-ILL MAN, even concealing at first his Muslim name and Somali origin.


Florida State University (FSU) has confirmed that Ms. Darlene Horton was the wife of psychology professor Richard Wagner. They were in London for a special psychology course. Ms. Horton was a scholar in psychology. I can see in her eyes that Darlene Horton was a sweet person. Having long experience with academia, I suspect that Dr. and Mrs.  Wagner do not/did not not vote Republican. But, there’s an old saying that is ever-more relevant today: “A Liberal is a Conservative who hasn’t been mugged yet.” IT’S TIME FOR AMERICAN WOMEN AND THE MEN WHO LOVE THEM TO REVOLT AGAINST THE RECKLESS POLICIES OF THE DEMOCRAT PARTY BY VOTING TRUMP-PENCE on NOVEMBER 8th.




Here are but a few other devastating murderous attacks by religious extremists: 

Manchester, England – May, 2017

    • Suicide bomber kills 22 and injures more than 120 at an Ariana Grande concert.

Stockholm, Sweden – April, 2017

    • A man in a hijacked truck kills four pedestrians at a department store.

St. Petersburg, Russia – April, 2017

    • Suicide bomber attacks subway car killing 14, wounding over 70.

London, England – March, 2017

    • A man drives an SUV into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge, killing five, including a police officer.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, US – January, 2017

    • Terrorist opens fire on random airport goers killing five, injuring six.

Berlin, Germany – December, 2016

    • A hijacked truck plows through a Christmas market killing 12.

Columbus, Ohio, US – November, 2016

    • Radicalized refugee plows into fellow students on college campus, injuring 11.

New York, NY, US – September, 2016

    • Terrorist plants series of bombs across New York City wounding 31.

St. Cloud, Minnesota, US – September, 2016

    • Terrorist knifes random shoppers in shopping mall, wounding 10.

Nice, France – July, 2016

    • A terrorist in a stolen truck plows through the Bastille Day festival killing 86, wounding 308.

Orlando, Florida, US – June, 2016

    • Terrorist attacks Pulse nightclub killing 49, wounding over 50 others.

Istanbul, Turkey – June, 2016

    • Terrorists bomb Ataturk International Airport killing 45 and wounding over 240.

Brussels, Belgium – March, 2016

    • Suicide bombers attack an airport and subway killing 32 and injuring over 300.

San Bernadino, California, US – December, 2015

    • Terrorists open fire on crowded office party killing 14 and wounding 21.

Paris, France – November, 2015

    • Terrorists attack a concert hall and other locations, killing 130 people and wounding more than 400.

Hasanah, Egypt – October, 2015

    • Terrorists take down a Russian airliner killing 224.

Chattanooga, Tennessee, US – July, 2015

    • Terrorist attacks U.S. Navy facility killing five; one sailor and four U.S. Marines.

Sousse, Tunisia – June, 2015

    • Terrorists kill 38 and wound 39 at a beach frequented by westerners.

Tripoli, Libya – January, 2015

    • Terrorists attack popular western hotel killing 10, including one American.

Paris, France – January, 2015

    • Terrorists attack the Charlie Hebdo offices and kosher grocery store killing 14.

New York, New York, US – October, 2014

    • Terrorist attacks police officers with axe, injuring 3.

London, England – May, 2013

    • Terrorists run down a soldier in the street before stabbing and hacking him to death.

Boston, Massachusetts, US – April, 2013

    • Two terrorists detonate bombs at the end of the Boston Marathon killing three, injuring over 260.

Frankfurt, Germany – March, 2011

    • A terrorist guns down two U.S. airmen and injures two others at an airport.

Fort Hood, Texas, US – November, 2009

    • Radicalized terrorist opens fire on Fort Hood murdering 14, wounding 28.

Real vs Faux: with Food, You Always Know


Above: Fake sour cream by Lucerne, a faux Swiss brand offered at Safeway that lists ten ingredients including corn starch, is topped by real sour cream from Wal-Mart’s Great Value, which has but two components: cultured cream and enzyme. The product from the bottom container ruined my beef stroganoff, until I added some from the top one (a traditional, rich sour cream), which swiftly rectified the situation and saved the dish. Sort of like a bit of real news forwarded by Julian Assange seems to have saved the USA from doom. ©Jeanne

When it comes to food, “Real vs Fake” is not subjective. Unfortunately, the same can no longer be said about “news”. Real news versus “fake news” now ostensibly constitutes propaganda that the ruling elite want you to believe, in order to counteract truths that have been disclosed about themselves and their dastardly deeds. The irony is that those same parties have been lying to us in earnest for, it turns out, decades–especially the last ten years. The real fake news is that which the major media outlets spew, all of whom have been propping up a globalist fraud for eight years and trying hard to replace him with an evil female clone who would continue the criminality and preserve his destructive legacy. They remind me of a man from Morocco who opened a “French” restaurant near a major university in New Jersey circa 1990. He presented me with a dessert menu and I ordered mousse au chocolat–chocolate mousse. Acting as waiter, the same fellow brought me a piece of white-frosted carrot cake decorated with a charming little orange carrot. I told him it was beautiful, but that I had ordered mousse au chocolat. The faux Frenchman insisted that what he had given me WAS mousse au chocolat. I pointed out the evidence and even showed the fellow that the thing had carrot bits in it. Eventually,  I gave up on the endeavor and thereafter referred to the place and others like it as “Poubelle (garbage can) Cuisine“. In the same way, I have for more than a decade rejected as trash the news “reported” by outlets such as the New York Times, The Daily News, USA Today, CBS News, CNN and anything with the letters NBC in its name. You must admit that my “fake news” analogy is a lot more palatable than that ignominiously uttered by the current Pope last week.

@Jeanne de Mesterton de St. A; December 11th, 2016

What are the Latest Rioters Lamenting?

Lefty dupes are rioting because a habitual cheater, genocidal racist, hateful elitist, greedy thief, avaricious war-monger and inveterate liar did not win the 2016 presidential election. Of course, most of us know that they are being hired by international currency-manipulator and chief mischief-maker, globalist and “former” Nazi, G. Soros.



Hateful Harry Reid was Just Keepin' It Light...

Projecting again, the well-known RACIST and BIGOT HARRY REID spews falsehoods against newly-elected president Donald J. Trump, who won the electoral votes by a landlslide last Tuesday, and won the popular vote by a large margin, despite the Democrat Cheating Machine: Kellyanne Conway discusses this outrage with ever-antagonistic Chris Wallace, who knows that Trump is not a racist or a sexist, but prefers to keep those suggestions alive for his own creepy reasons. (Video was expunged from the web.)


This feeble, evil Democrat dinosaur made sure that the ballots in Nevada went to his party in the presidential election of 2016.  He believed that if he made enough dishonest slurs against Mr. Trump after the renegade Republican’s resounding victory, that his machinations would fall out of the limelight and go away. Nevada is a red state, turned blue by Hitlery and Harry, thus disenfranchising legitimate votes of United States citizens.

Harry Reid was Just Keepin’ It Light…

Senator Harry Reed
Hateful Harry Reid
Mouth-Breathin’ Up a Storm

Harry Reid Is Not a Racist–He Hates Everyone EquallyHarry Reid Says Government and Union Jobs More Important than Private Sector OnesHateful Harry Reid was Just Keepin' It Light...

Mrs Clinton, the Taxing Tyrant


Image result for tim kaine crazy



Clinton’s tax plan offers no income tax rate reduction for any American of any income level. No rate reduction for any business or any individual, regardless of size.

Clinton’s overall tax plan raises taxes by $1.4 trillion. Americans for Tax Reform is tracking all of Clinton’s tax hikes at www.HighTaxHillary.com

“Now Hillary’s tax on middle income Americans is being embraced by the United Nations. If she’s elected, the U.N. will have a willing soda-tax-hike partner in Hillary Clinton.”

ATR is tracking all of Hillary’s tax hike proposals at www.HighTaxHillary.com

Drain the Swamp, or Jump into the Fire

The Globalists have hacked Trump’s Tampa speech just now, so there is no point watching that. I gravitated towards this cheery programme which I saw on the right side of youtube. New and relevant, it’s Alex Jones explaining what is really happening–things you will NOT hear anywhere else because there is a moratorium on professional reporting.

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