Trouble in Socialist Paradise

Israel-Sweden Davis Cup Brings Promise of Pro-Hamas Uprising

Sweden’s immigration policy and the fashionable zeitgeist have given-way to unintended consequences. Anti-Israel sentiments now abound in Sweden, and protesters promise an ugly Davis Cup when Sweden plays Israel on Swedish soil. I wonder how the country of my forebears would feel if rockets were launched at it. There’s no reasoning with some followers of fashion, though, when their perceptions are informed by biased world-media.


Left-Wing Legerdemain Revisited

Drawing: Schwartzkopf Shampoo
Drawing Credit Goes to Schwartzkopf Shampoo
Some more examples of what I like to call, “Left-Wing Legerdemain”:

Pretending that Republican presidents outlawed stem-cell research, when all they want to do is not provide federal funding for it.

Pretending that the Social Security Reform proposed by President Bush was involuntary. I don’t know who was responsible for the message not getting out properly, but I know this: the AARP had a vested interest in making the American public believe that your social security money was going to be invested in the stock-market, whether you liked it or not. The plan simply gave people the option to make a part of their SS dough work as investments.

Pretending that the resistance to birth-control and abortion is only philosophical–it is actually another federal-funding issue. We don’t want to pay for it when one’s issue is terminated. Old-time Republicans want as little government interference in people’s lives as possible, and it works both ways. I am a former (I moved), long-time elected Republican official and Republican Association press writer in Princeton, New Jersey, home of the G.O. P. dinosaur–original party people who stuck to their guns about rights and responsibilities. Those who believe that government ought to legislate what doctors and patients do just don’t understand the principles upon which the Republican party was founded. And I’ve had it with the donnybrook of “What would Reagan do?”–a great portion of that speculation is incorrect. It is the Democrat party that wants to micro-manage everyone’s lives–as a sick, slick vote-getting ploy. As I’ve been saying for two years now: you will give up freedom for “free stuff” by voting Democrat. They want absolute power, and will do things against the wishes of the majority. It is happening now….

And now, the 500-pound gorilla in the room: the so-called “stimulus package”, which economists everywhere say will do NOTHING to boost the economy: it was designed to give monetary payback to Obama supporters, and contains enough wasteful giveaways to guarantee votes for him in 2012.

This is an incomplete, growing list. More left-wing legerdemain is coming your way.

NEXT: the inaptly named FAIRNESS DOCTRINE, which is anything BUT fair–it belongs in red China! We don’t “need” a policy that robs Americans of their rights to freedom of expression. National Public Radio is paid-for with your taxes, but they were allowed a screed-a-minute against the Bush administration, no-holds-barred. There is no balance there whatsoever, but I didn’t hear anyone on the left crying about it….

Pres. Didn’t Write Stimulus Bill, So What’s the Pig Deal?

Pelosi Pushed Profligate Pork onto the Populace
Pelosi Pushed the Profligate Pork onto the Populace

The usual racial hucksters and knee-jerk reactionaries are making much of a New York Post cartoon which depicts the “writer” of the so-called stimulus package as a monkey. Only the most uninformed, gullible troglodyte believes that President Obama wrote the thing. He has not even read it. The more viable culprit is wealthy House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco. They make a lot of good sausage in that lovely coastal town. Congresswoman Pelosi is the one who pushed through the pork. The old saying about the two things one wouldn’t want to see being made: sausage and laws–acquired new meaning when Pelosi didn’t let those voting on the bill actually read it.

The theme of yesterday’s “racially offensive” cartoon in the New York Post was obvious: the gang who wrote the stimulus bill is monkeying with OPM–other people’s money.

P.S. the people who “see” the president in that cartoon are revealing their own antiquated racial beliefs. They ought to be ashamed.