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Our Huddled Masses of Oil, Yearning to Break Free

My brief and still-timely post from 2008:

Americans Stranded and Starving, Dictators Digging Oil

There is a direct correlation between the administration’s prevention of American and British companies offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, and the high prices that Americans are now forced to pay for oil and gasoline.  However, dictators and  unfriendly regimes are ALLOWED to drill for oil in the Gulf. Nice. (That is one of the promised changes that no one thought about in their blind zeal to elect someone of “color.” It’s too bad there weren’t high-quality people with full black American heritage running at the time. Like Herman Cain, a man of successful business experience and integrity. But, there is still hope…). We were told later on during the campaign of 2008 by the present incumbent that he was bent on ruining energy companies and making Americans pay exorbitant prices for gas and other forms of energy. Some of us listened. Changing his mind and spinning like a girouette, perhaps he could qualify as an alternative source of energy himself. We just wonder what is powering the man, since much of America’s greatness has been torn asunder. It now seems to be an ill wind, as more and more illogical spending and senseless wars are proposed and perpetrated. And I was, to paraphrase John Kerry, “for him before we were against him”–as soon as he tipped his hand and his character and motives were revealed, having first given him a chance, I was dissuaded from supporting this thinly-veiled chameleon. And the uncivil divisiveness of his campaign in the summer of 2008 was very revealing, a portent of things to come.
Wake up and smell the coffee, America. I created the phrase, “bloated Barackracy” two years ago, as the new incumbent began expanding his unilaterally-appointed coven of czars and czarinas who were accountable to no one but him. Your future was sold for votes (the “stimulus plan” amounted to trillions in give-aways to unions and left-wing special-interest groups that did nothing to create an economic boost). The bigger-than-ever federal government is the only jobs-program that has been hiring (those millions of government employees are regarded as automatic votes for his re-election); your “leader” is spending hundreds of millions on vanity-trips to foreign countries (while chastising you for spending too much), and though he promised to cut the national debt in half, he has more than doubled it in proportions never before seen by any previous president. Give him more time, he asks–to finish his mission, which is becoming clearer by the day….

The Only Job Program that Worked

This is a deceptive number, since intelligence personnel and others are not included; the real total is at least 3 million, one fellow-traveller for every single private sector citizen: 

“How many federal employees are there in the US?

At least 2,748,978.
There are 2,748,978 civilian federal employees in the United States as of January 2009. This is according to the Federal Employment Statistics published by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management. Employees with security agencies (CIA, NSA, etc) as well as the National Imagery and Mapping Agency are not included in this number. 97.6% of civilian federal employees work in the executive branch of government.”

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