Education Needs Enforcement, Not Monetary Rewards for Poor Results

The Results of Poor Educational Performance on the Part of Teachers’ Union


August 1st, 2011

August 1st, 2011
Those of us who have truly been paying attention can see the absurdity and utter hypocrisy of a president and Democrat-led senate, insisting that congressional Republicans, who voted against the current administration’s record-breaking spending (and who warned of the disastrous results of the idiotic fake “stimulus bill” which did nothing but pay out trillions of unfunded dollars to special left-wing interests as well as to unions who would vote for him, and which didn’t create jobs),  fix the mess that they did not create! The proposed “cuts” amount to peanuts, and still give the profligate president a blank check for more trillions throughout the rest of his term.  How can a man who is responsible for the most spending by one president in history ask others to clean up his enormous debt with a straight face? And these demands are executed in the most bullying, uncivil, petulant manner, despite his having called for “civility” a year ago.  The previous president left office with a deficit, but the current one put us trillions into debt within the first three months of his term, apparently employing the misguided theory that “two wrongs make a right.” He also has three million public employees, many of whom he appointed unilaterally, which means three million automatic votes for his re-election. And the country will be downgraded no matter what “deal” is arrived at this week. Thanks to the biggest-spending administration in history, by any yardstick one prefers to use. All the hot air about “shared sacrifice ” rings hollow, when coming from a man who has spent the U.S. into infamy, who golfs and throws lavish parties with alarming frequency while he engages his country in THREE WARS, and whose wife takes luxury-trips with her giant entourage, which cost the American people mega-millions. G.W. Bush did a lot of less-than-helpful things as president, but he gave up golf during wartime, believing it to be unseemly. Things are upside-down, backwards, and inside-out in this irrational new world. If there ever existed a sign that the end is near, this is it….

Shared Sacrifice…

…is what their current President keeps preaching to the American people. Yet he and his wife won’t even share the same plane to Martha’s Vineyard for vacation–which costs the public DOUBLE the amount that it should.  A million here, a trillion there, and pretty soon you’re talkin’ Real (Other People’s) Money. And to dredge up another hackneyed saw, he wants them to “do as I say; not as I do“.

Eat your peas, he said–not lobster and caviar like the first couple..

Poorest Cities: WHY?

The 10 Poorest Cities in America,
 and How They Became That Way
   City, State, % of People Below the Poverty Level
1. Detroit , MI
2. Buffalo , NY
3. Cincinnati , OH
4. Cleveland , OH
5. Miami , FL
5. St. Louis , MO
7. El Paso , TX
8. Milwaukee , WI
9. Philadelphia , PA
10. Newark , NJ
  U.S.Census Bureau,
2006 American Community Survey, August 2007

What do the top ten cities (over 250,000) with the highest poverty rate all have in common?

Detroit, MI  
(1st on the poverty rate list 
 Hasn’t  elected a Republican mayor  
Since 1961
Buffalo, NY (2nd)  
Hasn’t elected one since 1954
Cincinnati, OH – (3rd)… 
Since 1984
Cleveland, OH – (4th)…
Since 1989
Miami, FL – (5th 
Has never  had a Republican mayor
St. Louis, MO – (6th)… 
Since 1949
El Paso, TX – (7th 
Has never had a Republican mayor
Milwaukee, WI – (8th)… 
Since 1908
Philadelphia, PA – (9th)… 
Since 1952
Newark, NJ – (10th)… 
Since 1907.

Einstein once said,
‘The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again 
 And expecting different results.’

It is the poor who habitually elect Democrats …. 
 Yet they are still  POOR.
 “You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich.  
 You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong.  
 You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift.  
 You cannot lift the wage earner up
By pulling the wage payer down.
You cannot further the brotherhood of man  
 By inciting class hatred.  
 You cannot build character and courage  
 By taking away people’s initiative and independence.  
 You cannot help people permanently by doing for them,  
 What they could and should do for themselves.” 
 Abraham Lincoln

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