What are the Latest Rioters Lamenting?

Lefty dupes are rioting because a habitual cheater, genocidal racist, hateful elitist, greedy thief, avaricious war-monger and inveterate liar did not win the 2016 presidential election. Of course, most of us know that they are being hired by international currency-manipulator and chief mischief-maker, globalist and “former” Nazi, G. Soros.


In the Accents of Hitler

 Always whining about her “struggle”, a word she mispronounces as “shruggle”, the current First Lady has been chosen to stump for another resentful, bitter, entitled wife of a president, Hitlery. The Despicables may even try to put her on the ticket if Mrs. “C” is declared incompetent. By the way, Adolph Hitler’s autobiography was entitled, “MEIN KAMPF“, which, translated into English, is “MY STRUGGLE”.

Michelle O. is the “indispensable surrogate to Hillary Clinton”, we are told by the mainstream media, which breathlessly cites this nasty user’s “sky-high popularity” as reason for her “soon-to-come invaluable and incalculable contributions to ensuring Hillary’s election to the presidency” (Washington Post, 9-13).

This Resentful America-Hater’s massive staff is not only unique among those of first ladies in its size and pettiness, but is included in the woman’s exorbitant junkets. Mike Huckabee, early in 2009, asked Michelle O. what she best liked about being first lady: “the travel,” was the shameless spendthrift’s two-word response, delivered with a straight face. We had no idea that boundless globe-trotting was part of her duty. Every trip of hers has included an entourage of at least sixty in tow, all of it paid-for by the American people. One of her most wasteful and risible trips was to Japan, where she preached to them,”Let Girls Learn”, not having learned herself that Japanese students far outperform Americans, and that in Japan the girls score even higher than boys. B.H.O. and his haughty partner-in-crime have also spent far more than one billion USD of your money on personal vacations. This disrespectful spending has transpired unchecked by a gutless Republican-led Congress, who are among the worst trash on earth; together with George Soros–Tyrannosoros, as I call the profoundly evil commie billionaire–and the greedy, treasonous entity, Hitlery/Bubba. May the Good Lord give U.S. strength to endure what remains of this putrid election.


The Obscene Size XXX Carbon Footprint of the President

He FLIES into an airport somewhere in the midwest, hops into a brand-new 1.1 Million-Dollar bus, paid for by you and me,  for a “bus tour” ‘around the midwest’, and after an hour or so, gets driven back to the airport for ANOTHER FLIGHT, lands at another airport where another 1.1 Millio-Dollar, brand new black bus is waiting for him… and repeats all that until his midwest bus tour is done. THEN he leaves on a 12-day vacation to Martha’s Vineyard…to REST UP from this campaign bus tour!
And don’t forget: those brand new shiny black buses aren’t DRIVEN to the location where they meet Obama. Those buses are loaded onto one or more C-17s. Then, they are flown to his destination ahead of AirForce-1.
On this ‘bus tour’, the President will lecture the ‘little people’ on how they need to live within their means and sacrifice.  Remember when he told that family man to GO BUY A HYBRID VAN when he said he couldn’t afford to fill up his truck?
Obama’s “carbon footprint” must be as large as most cities by now (to match his ego, perhaps).
All of this “livin’ large” is on the taxpayer’s dime…..
But remember, this is NOT a campaign trip – it is a “Listen to the People” trip only (during which, incidentally, he ridiculed a man who asked him a civil, reasonable question)!  Therefore, the Democratic National Committee does NOT pay a cent for this extravagance.
This sort of abuse is one of the despicable things about communist leaders of the past. There is nothing new under the sun, after all, and “Change” is an idiotic idea when it represents this man’s actions. They speak so much louder than words….

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