Fifth Column Conspiring to Overturn Election in Last 12 Days of Regime





What are the Latest Rioters Lamenting?

Lefty dupes are rioting because a habitual cheater, genocidal racist, hateful elitist, greedy thief, avaricious war-monger and inveterate liar did not win the 2016 presidential election. Of course, most of us know that they are being hired by international currency-manipulator and chief mischief-maker, globalist and “former” Nazi, G. Soros.


From a Noted Graduation Speech: "Elemennuhry", "Shreet"

Someone who graduated from Princeton University gave an incendiary graduation speech yesterday, and mispronounced several words, including “elementary” and “street”. That is a sad commentary on the state of the language, which always reflects the condition of a culture.

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