What are the Latest Rioters Lamenting?

Lefty dupes are rioting because a habitual cheater, genocidal racist, hateful elitist, greedy thief, avaricious war-monger and inveterate liar did not win the 2016 presidential election. Of course, most of us know that they are being hired by international currency-manipulator and chief mischief-maker, globalist and “former” Nazi, G. Soros.



Pres. Obama’s Fantasy Budget Will Bankrupt U.S.

According to the Congressional Budget Office, Obama's Deficit Projections are Pure Fiction

Source: Bloomberg News

CBO Projects 2009 Deficit Will Reach $1.85 Trillion (Update1)

By Brian Faler

March 20 (Bloomberg) —

To contact the reporter on this story: Brian Faler in Washington at bfaler@bloomberg.net.

Issues that Are Important to Me

I was asked this lately, and here is a brief response:
What issues are important to you?

In random order: getting rid of “health insurance”, which in my view is a fallacious concept and an intrinsically corrupt industry, in order to totally revamp the health-care “system”. After all, what health insurance constitutes is gambling; betting against one’s self. There can be no realistic talk of health-care reform whilst there exists a parasitic element such as the insurance company, and until, additionally, HMOs are outlawed. I was in a doctor’s office waiting room in Princeton, with a brain tumor. I saw an acquaintance of mine and sat next to her. She was there for the sniffles. People who belong to HMOs are packing the waiting rooms and doctors’ schedules for their petty concerns. And then there were the Medicare and Medicaid people who were there because it’s their hobby (it’s impossible to not overhear them chatting amongst themselves about why they’ve come to see the doctors). My husband and I would never dream of going to the doctor for a common cold. It is wasteful. The “health-care” system is clogged up, and needs to be purged of waste.   My other concerns: eliminating the “Death Tax” and wasteful social programs; improving public education by reducing social engineering in schools and teaching the basics; tort reform. Energy independence for the United States, including drilling for oil, windmill power, and clean coal, is paramount. All these years of “not in my backyard” from poseurs on the left (who didn’t even want to see windmills on the landscape, because they ostensibly “ruined our view”), and those entrenched politicians who try to curry favor with them out of intimidation, have destroyed our autonomy and our economy. A country that creates its own energy, including oil, is a country which has a great economy–as long as it’s not run by a dictator (like Hugo Chavez of Venezuela). Oil creates jobs, keeps food transportation flowing, operates farming machinery and other production plants, giving an economy a great boost. Look at Canada for the perfect example. Oil will trickle down….

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