What are the Latest Rioters Lamenting?

Lefty dupes are rioting because a habitual cheater, genocidal racist, hateful elitist, greedy thief, avaricious war-monger and inveterate liar did not win the 2016 presidential election. Of course, most of us know that they are being hired by international currency-manipulator and chief mischief-maker, globalist and “former” Nazi, G. Soros.




Hateful Harry Reid was Just Keepin' It Light...

Projecting again, the well-known RACIST and BIGOT HARRY REID spews falsehoods against newly-elected president Donald J. Trump, who won the electoral votes by a landlslide last Tuesday, and won the popular vote by a large margin, despite the Democrat Cheating Machine: Kellyanne Conway discusses this outrage with ever-antagonistic Chris Wallace, who knows that Trump is not a racist or a sexist, but prefers to keep those suggestions alive for his own creepy reasons. (Video was expunged from the web.)


This feeble, evil Democrat dinosaur made sure that the ballots in Nevada went to his party in the presidential election of 2016.  He believed that if he made enough dishonest slurs against Mr. Trump after the renegade Republican’s resounding victory, that his machinations would fall out of the limelight and go away. Nevada is a red state, turned blue by Hitlery and Harry, thus disenfranchising legitimate votes of United States citizens.

Harry Reid was Just Keepin’ It Light…

Senator Harry Reed
Hateful Harry Reid
Mouth-Breathin’ Up a Storm

Harry Reid Is Not a Racist–He Hates Everyone EquallyHarry Reid Says Government and Union Jobs More Important than Private Sector OnesHateful Harry Reid was Just Keepin' It Light...

In the Accents of Hitler

 Always whining about her “struggle”, a word she mispronounces as “shruggle”, the current First Lady has been chosen to stump for another resentful, bitter, entitled wife of a president, Hitlery. The Despicables may even try to put her on the ticket if Mrs. “C” is declared incompetent. By the way, Adolph Hitler’s autobiography was entitled, “MEIN KAMPF“, which, translated into English, is “MY STRUGGLE”.

Michelle O. is the “indispensable surrogate to Hillary Clinton”, we are told by the mainstream media, which breathlessly cites this nasty user’s “sky-high popularity” as reason for her “soon-to-come invaluable and incalculable contributions to ensuring Hillary’s election to the presidency” (Washington Post, 9-13).

This Resentful America-Hater’s massive staff is not only unique among those of first ladies in its size and pettiness, but is included in the woman’s exorbitant junkets. Mike Huckabee, early in 2009, asked Michelle O. what she best liked about being first lady: “the travel,” was the shameless spendthrift’s two-word response, delivered with a straight face. We had no idea that boundless globe-trotting was part of her duty. Every trip of hers has included an entourage of at least sixty in tow, all of it paid-for by the American people. One of her most wasteful and risible trips was to Japan, where she preached to them,”Let Girls Learn”, not having learned herself that Japanese students far outperform Americans, and that in Japan the girls score even higher than boys. B.H.O. and his haughty partner-in-crime have also spent far more than one billion USD of your money on personal vacations. This disrespectful spending has transpired unchecked by a gutless Republican-led Congress, who are among the worst trash on earth; together with George Soros–Tyrannosoros, as I call the profoundly evil commie billionaire–and the greedy, treasonous entity, Hitlery/Bubba. May the Good Lord give U.S. strength to endure what remains of this putrid election.


Democrats’ Culture of Corruption

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Democrat Corruption: Your Tax-Dollars Padding their Lives

Another Example of Outrageous Democrat Corruption on Your Tax-Bill

More Outrageous Democrat Corruption with Taxpayers’ Money


Corrupt Democrat John Murtha of Pennsylvania: 150 million from taxpayers to fund his personal airport that flies to Washington, D.C. The public aspect is just a front so that he, like Nancy Pelosi, can fly in unadulterated luxury while the taxpayers keep paying more and more for less and less.The Murtha Airport is used by only 700 people per year. We spent less on Pakistan than we did unwittingly coddling this corrupt creep.

No wonder the Princess of Pork, Nancy Pelosi, who demanded and received, on your dime, a personal super jet that could fly to D.C. from California non-stop, is such good buddies with Congressman John Murtha!

UPDATE: from the Washington Post, Murtha’s Nephew got millions in government contracts–with NO competition for them!

School Choice

School Choice: Voucher Programs

School Vouchers are a result of poor educational standards, thanks to unions that hire teachers who didn’t get more than a C average in school themselves, together with an institutional resistance to accountability and professional improvements. The existence of voucher systems provides competition to teachers’ unions, and forces them to create and adhere to higher standards. School vouchers and charter schools were created by groups of parents who were fed-up with a deteriorating public school system that cared more about social engineering than academic achievement. The people at the Washington, D.C. rally for school vouchers feel that they should have the same school choice as President Obama’s children, but he is curtailing the program henceforth, and has instructed it to not accept any new students. So, once more, the teachers’ unions and the NEA will have a monopoly on public education, and the bar in Washington, D.C. will be forever lowered since they now have no competition.
@Jeanne de St. A., 2009

Time for Outrage against the Trillions…

… of Your Money Grabbed for Political Payback Pork by Profligate Government
Now that a few people have awakened and wrapped their minds around the bail-out money misused by AIG, I must ask: where is the outrage about the trillions of dollars of your money that are going to be spent by a profligate congress and an unwitting senate? The Princess of Pork, Nancy Pelosi pushed through a spending bill against the wishes of anyone with a brain, and any entity that didn’t want a payback for electing President Obama.The administration wrote in the AIG bonuses themselves while crafting the insurance company’s bailout. Now that the general public has discovered that scam, the Obama administration is feigning outrage and flattering the passion of the masses, just like any third-world dictatorship does. This farce is being staged so that the populace will focus on the AIG bonuses instead of on the mega-trillions that will be borrowed, which will cause hyperinflation and cripple the U.S. economy and future generations of Americans till the end of time. The demagoguery just gets more diabolical, and if you thought the Clinton administration shape-shifted, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Pres. Obama’s Fantasy Budget Will Bankrupt U.S.

According to the Congressional Budget Office, Obama's Deficit Projections are Pure Fiction

Source: Bloomberg News

CBO Projects 2009 Deficit Will Reach $1.85 Trillion (Update1)

By Brian Faler

March 20 (Bloomberg) —

To contact the reporter on this story: Brian Faler in Washington at bfaler@bloomberg.net.

Please Vote for the Western Team on November 4th

Preserve Our Western Way of Life:
Vote for John McCain and Sarah Palin

An Obama/Biden presidency promises to raise the Death Tax, resulting in your farm being sold by your children in order to pay it, thus your family farm or ranch will disappear. Heaven only knows what will appear in its place. An Obama-Biden administration will then take away your right to bear arms as self-protection and to guard against property-theft.Our western way of life doesn’t include the sleazy, dishonest politics of the east coast and Chicago, built upon creating dependency classes who are a sure bet to vote for the fraudsters in charge, who promise them the moon in order to line their own pockets. These brazen liars have contempt for the folks who vote for them–and many of the people who do vote for them are dead! Think Senator Obama doesn’t look down upon native Americans of African descent? He is an elitist who is as out of touch with the common American experience as Prince Charles is. And why does he not support his own brother, and take him “out of Africa”, where he lives in a hut on the equivalent of $12.00 (yes, that’s twelve dollars) a year? How does this fellow who started his campaign of “hope” promising to take the high road expect us to believe that he is for the common man, the little guy, when he spreads calumny and outright lies about the champion of Mexican immigrants and workers, namely Senator John McCain, and won’t even help his own blood brother? Now, THAT’S “hope”–or, “hoping against hope”! Mr. Obama is delusional, but the bamboozled majority will vote for him, hoping that what they want to hear is true, and that what they don’t want to hear is made up by someone inimical to a “Black” candidate (remember, Barack Obama is from a rich, white family, which probably explains his popularity among white women). The delusion and false hope is widespread. I wanted Obama to be what he initially seemed to be, but was disappointed when I realized what he really is. He’s more than “only human”–he’s a huckster with little backbone and even less legislative experience and character. This will be revealed only too late, after he is in the White House. But by then, things will be so bad that we will care little who occupies the Oval Office. The Democrats who nurtured the corrupt Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, taking money, donations and sweetheart deals from them, including Sens. Obama and Dodd (rhymes with “fraud”), will have seen to it that YOU foot the bill for their irresponsibility. They’re out for themselves–that’s politics as usual on the eastern seaboard, and they see nothing wrong with it. Too bad their spokesperson, Sen. Harry Reid, is such a weak playground bully and transparent liar. His attempts to make the public believe that his enemies are responsible for the financial mess and the current stalemate are falling flat–to the thinking portion of the population–yes, the small segment that isn’t suffering from New Age Head-in-the-Sand Syndrome.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Preserve Our Rights and Our Energy Economy! Vote the Western Ticket:
John McCain and Sarah Palin

Senator Obama wants to tax you into oblivion and take away your gun rights. Faulty thinking in these troubled times. And think of how high oil and gas will go if we are going to get them mainly from hostile dictatorships like Venezuela and Iran. Mr. Obama’s energy plan was to use up our strategic oil and gas reserves, which are to be used in emergencies, attacks on our nation, and natural disasters. The Obamas believe that you’re all a bunch of racists who can’t think for themselves. They are elitists who wish to eliminate America as we know it, and replace it with a giant government that runs and owns absolutely everything–kind of like Hugo Chavez’ Venezuela, and Putin’s Russia. No, it won’t be Washington politics as usual with Obama-Biden in charge–it will be a nation where they have more power than they had in the Senate–power to run every facet of our lives.

The Democrats are doing what they do best very year: calling every household and claiming that the next Republican president will “take away a woman’s right to choose”, when that is not even possible. Roe versus Wade cannot be overturned. But McCain and Palin are constantly badgered about their personal feelings on abortion. The McCains adopted a Cambodian orphan baby long ago. They put their money where their mouth is. Sen. Obama voted to kill babies who were born alive. How does that show a respect for human life?

Cindy McCain went to Rwanda during the 1994 massacre that President Clinton ignored, while 800,000 citizens were being butchered. Bodies were lying around everywhere she went, but she set up medical aid for the living.

There are very important issues to handle, and Senator McCain has the experience and the ideas to protect our security and sovereignty. McCain-Palin are determined to get America back to vigorous prosperity. Sen. Obama wants America to operate on the failed policies of socialist Europe. No wonder his name rhymes with “Osama”. That is the ticket for our destruction.

We here in the west understand freedom and responsibility. Guys like Senator Joe Biden (plagiarist and entrenched Washington Insider) understand kick-backs and legislation that intrudes into your pocketbook, business, and your everyday life. Want to leave the family farm to your progeny? Obama-Biden will take it out of their hide with the enormous Death Tax that makes it difficult for them to go on farming.

Please vote for the western team of McCain-Palin on November 4th.

~~Copyright Jeanne de St. A, September 17th, 2008

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