Drain the Swamp, or Jump into the Fire

The Globalists have hacked Trump’s Tampa speech just now, so there is no point watching that. I gravitated towards this cheery programme which I saw on the right side of youtube. New and relevant, it’s Alex Jones explaining what is really happening–things you will NOT hear anywhere else because there is a moratorium on professional reporting.


Two Beloved Republicans: Shirley Temple and Cesar Romero



Shirley Temple and Cesar Romero acted together in The Little Princess (Romero played Ram Dass, a Sikh–Sikhs are not Moslems) and in the Hollywood adaptation of Rudyard Kipling’s Wee Willie Winkie. 

In the Accents of Hitler

 Always whining about her “struggle”, a word she mispronounces as “shruggle”, the current First Lady has been chosen to stump for another resentful, bitter, entitled wife of a president, Hitlery. The Despicables may even try to put her on the ticket if Mrs. “C” is declared incompetent. By the way, Adolph Hitler’s autobiography was entitled, “MEIN KAMPF“, which, translated into English, is “MY STRUGGLE”.

Michelle O. is the “indispensable surrogate to Hillary Clinton”, we are told by the mainstream media, which breathlessly cites this nasty user’s “sky-high popularity” as reason for her “soon-to-come invaluable and incalculable contributions to ensuring Hillary’s election to the presidency” (Washington Post, 9-13).

This Resentful America-Hater’s massive staff is not only unique among those of first ladies in its size and pettiness, but is included in the woman’s exorbitant junkets. Mike Huckabee, early in 2009, asked Michelle O. what she best liked about being first lady: “the travel,” was the shameless spendthrift’s two-word response, delivered with a straight face. We had no idea that boundless globe-trotting was part of her duty. Every trip of hers has included an entourage of at least sixty in tow, all of it paid-for by the American people. One of her most wasteful and risible trips was to Japan, where she preached to them,”Let Girls Learn”, not having learned herself that Japanese students far outperform Americans, and that in Japan the girls score even higher than boys. B.H.O. and his haughty partner-in-crime have also spent far more than one billion USD of your money on personal vacations. This disrespectful spending has transpired unchecked by a gutless Republican-led Congress, who are among the worst trash on earth; together with George Soros–Tyrannosoros, as I call the profoundly evil commie billionaire–and the greedy, treasonous entity, Hitlery/Bubba. May the Good Lord give U.S. strength to endure what remains of this putrid election.


Manipulating the Masses with Forced Famine

“Who Loves Ya, Baby?”
Those who do not remember history are doomed to repeat it.
Are You Ready for Hitlery? If so, you are allergic to reality. Or, just completely ignorant of history. Maybe “STUCK on STUPID” would be an apt description.The Record-Breakers
Why is she dressed this way so often? As they say in New York, where she is NOT from:
“Not for nothin.'”

…While the Killers In High Places Say Their Prayers Out Loud

One of the most beautiful songs in the Leonard Cohen litany, a legendary poem-set-to-music, is “Anthem”, which has a very upbeat and inspiring message. It also contains a strong, timely admonition against hypocrisy and demagoguery of the brand indulged in by the Democrat candidate for president. The last thing this country needs is another leader who pretends to care for the population, but whose diabolical actions against them speak louder than words, and leave a trail of devastation.

This brilliant video is followed by “Hallelujah”, from the same concert by its composer, Leonard Cohen in London, 2010–preceded by an  insane, invasive ad for Hitlery “C”, which is brief–hallelujah!.

Leonard Norman Cohen, CC GOQ (born 21 September 1934, Westmount, Quebec) is a Canadian singer, songwriter, poet and novelist. His work has explored religion, politics, isolation, sexuality, and personal relationships.[2] Cohen has been inducted into both the Canadian Music Hall of Fame and the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame as well as the American Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He is also a Companion of the Order of Canada, the nation’s highest civilian honour. In 2011, Cohen received a Princess of Asturias Awards for literature.~~Wikipedia

And now, there is THE KILLER sayin’ HER “prayers” out loud, but not without taking a robo-dump on Donald Trump–a distinctly UNCHRISTIAN thing she has been doing for over a year, together with propagating what she knows to be outright lies about him–anyway, this is HER answer to the stellar Trump visits with Black churches and schools in the past two weeks. Whatever HE does first is HER next move. Hillary is the one with a KKK/RACIST past; Donald J. Trump is the renegade who, decades ago, boldly defied stodgy Palm Beach tradition by admitting Blacks and Jews to his country club; his camaraderie with Black leaders in NYC is well-known; and his contributions to Rainbow Coalition/Rainbow Push are legendary, and visible on youtube. Here is the only-occasionally color-blind Democrat, transparently  pandering for votes on September 8th 2016:


Historic Trump Tidbits

Jealous competitors of Donald J. Trump and a vicious press would have you believe that Donald Trump is a political neophyte and not conservative. He has written numerous books on the state of America and how it can be improved. The above series of clips from interviews of DJT includes spots from the early 1980s and possibly the late 1970s that totally blow apart the nasty propaganda of the mainstream media, and offer proof-aplenty that Donald J. Trump has held the same core beliefs for decades. And the following link will demonstrate that DJT is the most democratic (are Democrats really democratic?) presidential candidate in history:  


Donald John Trump’s Mother, Mary Anne MacLeod, Originally of Scotland
(Later Married to Frederick Christ Trump, American Citizen of German Heritage)


Dwight Yoakam Sings at Buck Owens’ Funeral in 2006

Today is a somber one for those of us who loved and respected Phyllis Schlafly. I was looking at various musical performances on youtube a few minutes ago, and found this charming footage from the great songwriter, musician and entrepreneur Buck Owens’ funeral. Dwight Yoakam was a friend and protegé of Buck’s, and a huge admirer of this born-again Christian man of sterling character. Buck Owens reminds me of Donald Trump, in that he took a lot of bold entrepreneurial chances, did what he loved to the best of his ability to the glory of God, and was a kind soul who brought out the best in everyone around him. In tribute to the late, great Buck Owens, who continues to inspire love of music and charity; also to Donald Trump, a man of great faith and human kindness who is now eternally endorsed by the wonderful conservative writer and constitutional scholar Phyllis Schlafly, who was laid to rest today–and in honor of Phyllis Schlafly–here is THE BEAUTIFUL TRADITIONAL HYMN, “IN the GARDEN”, played and sung by Dwight Yoakam. Footage: Bakersfield TV 17.

And now, here’s one of my absolute faves by Buck Owens & the Buckaroos; the harmonies and pedal steel guitar are just beautiful.

And just to cheer you up a bit, here is the very positive song by Buck Owens and His Buckaroos, in the great man’s original style, THE BAKERSFIELD SOUND:

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